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As a full service Architectural firm for the past eight years we have decided to take a slightly different approach to our services. With the ease of the internet and communication through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, we can provide a very unique architectural service. By receiving your ideas and thoughts through the internet we can develop your dreams into a stunning Architectural Design drawn in a 3-D electronic model. We can then e-mail you that design in a PDF file that you can view and rotate in 3-D. While discussing through a net meeting program, we can refine your design into a simple 3-D line drawing that can be used to convey your ideas to a friend or an associate, or we can take your project to a level of a full interactive color rendering with complete architectural work drawings.

If you are at home or at the office as well as on the go, e-mail us your thoughts, ideas and sketches, and within a short period of time we can put that information into a format that you can give you a true understanding of your ideas. Based on your needs we provide our services in a variety of ways i.e. by the hour or a customized cost plan.


Now, why would you use our online Architectural Service if you did not live close to our firm. We understand that people have ideas about a new dream home or a new office complex, or a relocation of their medical practice, but just do not have the time to meet or choose an architect. That is where our services are so valuable. No matter where you live or how big or small your project may be, we can, in a very short period of time, provide you with a 3D sketch or a simple color rendering, that will enable you to convey your plans to others. You may wonder if the investment you make into our firm is a waste of your financial resources? No, because we can correspond to a selected design professional in your area and send them all the information that we have completed for you in an electronic format that they can develop into final construction documents.


Welcome to Western Architect, formally known as Western Design Group located in Southern Utah. Why the name change? We feel it is easier to navigate to this website.

For more information and questions about us please e-mail me at bill@westernarchitect.com. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We welcome your input. With our experience we would like to answer your design or construction questions to the best of our ability.


I would love to hear from you. Please use this area to ask any questions, make any suggestions, or request quotes on projects. We will contact you as soon as possible upon receiving your request. We look forward to working with you.